Want to work with Suzanne to help improve your fertility?

Fertility Breakthrough Method™ 

The new evidence-based treatment approach to improved fertility.

Fertility Breakthrough Method™options

There are 3 ways you can work with Suzanne, depending on your individual needs.  

1. Fertility Breakthrough Method™ program. Work at your own pace using the method's detailed steps available in this multi-media program, PLUS receive group coaching from Suzanne inside a secret Facebook group reserved exclusively for clients she is working with.  

2. Small Group Fertility Intensive. This 5 week small group video broadcast intensive is the most cost-effective way to have personal focus from Suzanne. It includes a full assessment of your fertility health; realistic fertility plan creation; diet & lifestyle optimisation; recommendations for further testing; herbal or nutritional prescription as appropriate.  

3. Private Fertility Intensive. A private 5 week fertility intensive structured similarly to the Small Group Intensive but entirely focused on you!  

So what’s involved?

Prior to meeting with me as part an Intensive, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete, so that I have a good understanding of your fertility and general health before we begin.  

At our first meeting we’ll address any particular concerns you have about your fertility journey so far. Then we’ll clarify where your fertility actually is at now. This includes what you may already know as well as recommendations for additional tests or evaluations to identify whether other health factors could be affecting your fertility.

The Fertility Breakthrough Method™ is designed to keep you focused so that your fertility decision making is logical and progressive rather than emotionally reactive. It’s normal to have more questions arise as you start to implement the strategies I give you, which is why being connected to me helps my clients succeed.  

The Fertility Intensives are a powerful experience designed to help you reverse factors negatively contributing to poor reproductive function and fertility issues. It’s not a quick fix - you will need to be diligent and continue to apply the information once the Intensive is over. 

Who is this suitable for?

If you are a man or woman wanting professional help to achieve and maintain healthy pregnancy, this option is for you. Suzanne’s ideal clients fall in to one of these categories:

Conscientious Fertility Planners

Whether you have a known fertility challenge or you just want to optimise your fertility ahead of planned conception, the Fertility Breakthrough Method™ program or an Intensive is your fastest way to get on track.  

If you are determined to achieve healthy pregnancy as soon as possible, a ‘do-it-yourself’ trial and error approach is not a smart option. A structured plan with natural fertility specialist, Suzanne Tapper, will save you time, money and emotional stress by making sure you get started the right way. 

Highly Motivated IVF Preparers

Did you know only about 18% of women who start an IVF cycles will actually get their baby from that cycle? Many women find this out the hard way and then start looking for ways to improve their chances of getting a baby.  

Achieving conception is only a small part of the journey to giving birth to a healthy baby. If you want professional help to prepare your body ahead of an IVF cycle, a Fertility Breakthrough Method ™ Intensive is the ultimate way to remove the guess-work and help you optimise your body and mind ahead of IVF.

Determined Warriors 

Have you been on the fertility roller-coaster for a long time? If you’ve been struggling to achieve or maintain pregnancy naturally or with fertility drugs, it’s time you took a new approach.  

Panic and grief can lead to reactive decision making, which can cost you more time, money and heart-ache on the fertility journey. An experienced specialist can help identify sub-clinical issues that may be contributing to your fertility challenges. You’ll also have someone keeping you on track and accountable to a well structured plan for improving your chance of getting your baby. 

Customer reviews

When I first started seeing Suzanne I had hypothalamic amenorrhea (no period) for several years since coming off the pill, my hormones were in a mess and as a result my skin and energy levels were less than optimal. Following Suzanne's professional advice and treatments I soon started to see gradual results with my body responding in a positive way. Suzanne's professional and holistic approach to treatments also gave me a lot of emotional support during this difficult time. I credit my healthy pregnancy and natural birth of our gorgeous daughter to the preparation I put in with Suzanne's both before and during pregnancy. - Steph

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What’s the investment? Are there payment plans?

Yes, a payment plan is available for any of these options.  

Your investment will depend on how you want to work with Suzanne and whether it's better to work with both partners - in that case we have a couples rate. Get in touch with Suzanne and her team via the button below to find out more. 

Investing in optimising pre-conception health influences conception rates, healthy pregnancy maintenance and the health of your unborn child. 

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What will I learn if I just want the program?

  • How to create a realistic fertility plan and time frame for your particular situation.
  • How to assess your fertility.
  • Commonly missed but treatable issues related to fertility that could help you get your baby faster.
  • How to safely detox your body to support hormone and reproductive health. Find out the essentials of a fertility enhancing diet and lifestyle.
  • Develop critical emotional management strategies to help fertility optimisation. Learn why it is essential to avoid being in emotional drama.
  • PLUS you also get 12 weeks secret Facebook group coaching 

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